SBC Scientific - Japanese chemicals in Vietnam- Chemical distributor

Japanese chemicals in Vietnam- Chemical distributor

Japanese chemicals were famous with high quality and purity. SBC Scientific was on behalf WAKO chemical in Vietnam. WAKO chemicals produced 600,000 product lines including different fields such as molecular biology, pharmaceuticals, microbiology, plant tissue culture, cosmetics, etc.
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Japanese chemicals- WAKO pure chemical industries was located in  Chuo-ku, Osaka. Wako distributed variable products in many countries on the world. In 1981, Wako decided to operate first office in USA called Wako chemicals USA which supply three line of products, laboratory chemicals, specialty chemicaals, and diagnostic reagents, imported from Japan were marketed in the north and south America through Wako chemicals USA. In 1989 as the increasing demand for V-50 polymerization initiator which belonged to specialty chemicals, they decided to build manufacturing plant in the USA. In 1990, the chemical plant was built and started manufacturing V-50. The V-50, 2,2'-azobis(2-amidinopropane) dihydrochloride, is an azo initiator used in radical polymerization, one application of which is a production of polyacrylic acid, a superabsorbent polymer. Since then, Wako Chemicals USA has been supplying the V-50 initiator to superabsorbent polymer manufacturers not only in the USA, but also internationally, including Europe and Japan.

Until 1996, Wako expended products related to biochemical reagents. After two years, they added another product in specialty chemicals called electric chemicals. Wako's ultra pure hydrogen peroxide, HIRINPER, is a cleaning solution used for the removal of contaminants and impurities from the surface of silicon wafers. As the semiconductor industry grew in the USA, Wako's stable supply of the cleaning solution was required as it was proved to effectively clean the semiconductor surface. The new plant for the production of HIRINPER was built in 1998. In 2002, Wako USA operated photographic intermediates facility, the expansion of the warehouse, and the new lab building. In the next 3 years, 2005, opened new R&D center called MVRDC in Mountain view, CA to develop new items for diagnostic division. In 2010, Wako USA and Kalypsys, Inc,. entered into asset purchase agreement, the group was made into HTS division. In 2012, The HTS Division was split from Wako USA and incorporated as Wako Automation USA, Inc., a California corporation. The LAL Division receives FDA approval for the production of PYROSTAR™ ES-F for specific determination of gram negative bacterial endotoxin. Wako USA purchase the building in Cape Charles, VA housing the LAL Division’s Horsehoe Crab Bleeding Facility. As part of a corporate reorganization, Wako Holdings USA, Inc. was formed. Three corporations were created under the holding company: Wako Chemicals USA, Inc. (Specialty Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals and LAL Divisions), Wako Life Sciences, Inc. (formerly Wako USA’s Diagnostics Division) and Wako Automation USA, Inc.

Wako Laboratory Chemicals try to provide new and unique laboratory reagents to scientists in all fields of study. Following nine decades of tradition, we supply high quality, high purity reagents for your life’s research.
Wako Laboratory Chemicals supplies many of the research reagents that are developed and/or manufactured in Japan. Our product line consists of:
-Molecular Biology Kits
-Signal Transduction Reagents
-Analytical Standards
-Organic Chemicals
-Green Chemistry Reagents
-Electrophoresis Stains
-Wakopak® / Wakosil® HPLC columns (Download Application Data and Chromatograms)

For further information, please contact as below:
Wako Pure Chemical Industries, Ltd.
1-2 Doshomachi 3-Chome,
Osaka 540-8605
Telephone: + 81-6-6203-3741
Facsimile: + 81-6-6222-1203
Wako Chemicals GmbH
Fuggerstraße 12
41468 Neuss
Telephone: + 49-2131-311-0
Facsimile: + 49-2131-311-100
Wako Chemicals USA, Inc.
1600 Bellwood Road
Richmond, VA 23237
Telephone: + 1-804-271-7677
Facsimile: + 1-804-271-7791
SBC Scientific company
53/1 NR13, Ward 3, HBC Ward, Thu Duc, Distric, HCMC
Hotline: +84 945677929
Email: [email protected]

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